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Frequently Asked Questions
About Gutters

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What is gutter protection?

Gutter protection is a system for keeping debris out of your gutters. Good gutter protection will let rainwater – and only rainwater – into your gutters.

We recommend and install Gutter Helmet as the best available gutter protection for Racine, Kenosha, and surrounding areas. There are lots of new companies selling gutter protection now, but Gutter Helmet is the leader that has been around for more than 30 years.

Will I really not have to ever clean out my gutters again?

That’s correct. If you install Gutter Helmet, you never have to clean your gutters again.

Does Gutter Helmet come with any kind of warranty?

Gutter Helmet has a Lifetime Warranty. It is built to be amazingly durable. Hardy & Jensen Window & Door Store always looks for the companies that have been around a long time and have a reputation for standing behind their products with lifetime protection.

Will this look okay with my roof?

Gutter Helmet comes in a variety of colors. We will help you select a color that will blend with your roof and look appealing.

Do I have to replace my existing gutters to get Gutter Helmet?

It is your choice. In Kenosha and Racine, Gutter Helmet can be installed with your existing gutters or installed with new gutters.

What damage can occur with clogged or ineffective gutters?

Gutters that don’t work can cause expensive damage. A partial list of problems include cracked foundations, ruined landscaping, roof leaks, rotted wood, and mold and mildew issues in the home.

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